With the launching of this website, dedicated to everything about fire agate, we would like to formally introduce our FIREWRAP style and our Fire Agate Chalcedony Beads! 

FIREWRAP  pendants gallery 

FIREWRAP pendants gallery 

FireWrap Pendant Gallery

Check out our new pendant gallery featuring our FIREWRAP style. Each unique Fire Agate pendant is masterfully carved and orientated to show the maximum colour and flare that was hidden within the rough stone!

FIREWRAP  sale page

FIREWRAP sale page

FIREWRAP Sales Pages

Be one of the first to get you hands on a FIREWRAP pendant! Theses beautifully cut stones have a charisma and quality not found anywhere else. If you are having a hard time finding the exact stone you want please contact us! New stones are being cut all the time and custom cutting and tailoring of Fire Agate is something we pride ourselves on!

FIREWRAP   pendants gallery strung on our Fire Agate Chalcedony Beads 

FIREWRAP pendants gallery strung on our Fire Agate Chalcedony Beads 

These step by step photos illustrate how we create the FIREWRAP style! For more information on the processes check out our Cutting Guide and Step by Step Pieces gallery.

To distinguish from commonly available "fired agate" beads we are offering genuine Fire Agate Chalcedony Beads. Our beads are created by processing untreated and unaltered banded fire agate chalcedony with typical fire agate layering and occasional glints of fire. 

The beads have been machined, giving near perfect uniformity and polish, allowing the easy creation of unique necklaces to frame any Fire Agate Pendant! Check out the beads on our online shop!