Hello World! Our First Blog Post!

Firewrap Creation!

This large 67mm x 36mm fire agate sculpture was carved from a rare, unbroken piece of Slaughter Mountain rough. The deep valleys and variety of bubble formations took almost every tool on my bench to carve! Cutting this marvelous stone was quite the labor of love, as it kept me on the bench into the wee hours of the morning for many nights.

I am very happy with how the finished product turned out! The convoluted nature of this sculpture made photographing it a real challenge and holding this piece in your hands is an entirely different experience! In person, the reds are much stronger and the colors in the valleys are much more vivid.

Now that this blog and new site are up and running, stay tuned to see more creations from our fire agate workshop!

Happy cuttings,

Ryszard Krukowski